YFC Runway Run
June 15th, 2015

In August 2014, the CCRR executive was approached by Kate O'Rourke from the Fredericton Airport to see if we were willing to help out organizing a race on the runway. Corena and I were both enthusiastic and so became the first co-race directors of the (later to be named) YFC Runway Run.

The desire was to have a 5K race and to make it a fundraiser for a good cause. Corena came up with the Canadian Mental Health Association and so we got Sylvie Power on board.

We had a lot of meetings and planning and all that stuff. Each had his/her own tasks and finally 9 months later, on May 23rd 2015 we had the first YFC Runway Run.

The day was wet, but the skies opened up right on time. I had half an hour to set up the course and we were just back in time before the start. I must say, it was a thrilling experience to be out on that runway. First, a couple of weeks ago, measuring it with a wheel, and second yesterday with that short timeframe.

I was mostly nervous about the length of the course, because it cannot be too short and preferably not too much over the 5K mark. But a runway is so wide. I cut some corners, but next year I would cut some more, because we were about a 100 meters over I guess.

Anyways, the race was a success according to all the compliments we have received so that makes us happy and proud.

Daren Verner finished as first male in 21:44 and Sheryl Johnstone finished first female in 24:16.

I would not be surprised if we are going to have a YFC Runway Run again in 2016