Jul 1st, 2017
Posted by joeclark
Posted by joeclark
Jul 1st, 2017

Injury self treatment guide

Hello Guys,

Many people come on this site asking advice on how to treat injuries. I've read lots of the same advice. Ice, rest, nsaids. New evidence has been getting out slowly that isn't always the best approach. This new evidence is showing us slow, planned loading encourages better healing and recovery.

This article i just came across is a decent guide to help someone who doesn't have the help of a professional. There is only so much help you can get from anyone online when you have a physical injury. If you feel you need help please seek it out. It doesn't always have to be a doc. Even personal trainers can help as some can be very good.

A little general advice. Diet plays a role in recovery. Omega 3's, curcumin, tumeric, ginger, vitamin c, magnesium. All will help with pain, inflammation, and recovery. Natural, whole foods is best when you can. Good supplements if you have to. Bell peppers have more vit c than citurs fruits.


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