Nov 20th, 2016
Posted by a.flynn
Posted by a.flynn
Nov 20th, 2016

December Run Challenge

The 2016 December Challenge

The December Challenge invites
participants to run every day in December. The objectives of the 31-day challenge
are, first, to establish a base fitness for the winter training cycle that
starts in January; second, to offset the excesses of the holiday season; and, third,
to provide space for privacy or escape at a crazy and stressful time of the


 1: Run a minimum of 3 kms each and every
day of December, no exceptions.

 2: Choose from a maximum of 5 wildcards
that allow the participant to run indoors (e.g., on a treadmill in one’s
basement or the gym) 5 times, and
only 5 times during the month. This
provision accounts for the possibility of inclement weather or travel. A
wildcard can only be used to relocate a run from outside to inside, and the
inside run must be at least 3 kms.

 3: In the unlikely event that the
Fredericton Police Department deems road conditions “unsafe” because of
freezing rain or a similar weather calamity (note the word, “calamity” – a
normal blizzard is
not a calamity), one
of the wildcards may be used to avoid a run entirely. This provision is
included to keep participants safe. Missing a run because of a non-severe weather
event, however, disqualifies the participant.

and Rewards

 Because this is a challenge and not a
competition there are no winners and losers. Instead, participants earn
bragging rights – and, for those who complete the challenge, a breakfast paid
for (in part or full) by the others. All who wish to participate will pay a Toonie
on December 1
st. The proceeds will subsidize the breakfast of those
runners who meet the 31-day challenge.


 Participants will monitor themselves.
There will be no random lactic acid or lie detection tests, but, instead,
participants will abide by the honour system. Integrity, as always, is the
final arbiter.

 Tony Tremblay

December 2016


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