May 24th, 2011
Posted by SloRunner
Posted by SloRunner
May 24th, 2011

Tuesday morning run with "One Nation Run" team

If any runners are available on Tuesday morning to run with the "One Nation Run" team, come out to Odell Park at 8:30 am on Tuesday, May 24th and run a few kms with the team.

Details available here:

The One Nation Run is a relay across Canada to raise awareness and funds for children in Canada who live in poverty. It is in partnership with World Vision Canada. It has two objectives

1) Raise awareness about child poverty in Canada

2) Raise a toonie per Canadian for local programs that will reduce child poverty in Canada.

The relay begins in St. Johnís, NL on May 1, 2011 and finishes just shy of 5 months in Vancouver, BC on September 29, 2011. Six days a week the ONR will travel 71k. The ONR Team (Bryce Dymond, Zaya Kuyena and Brittany Dickson) will be running a combined total of 33 km each day. To reach 71 km each day, we are asking the public to run a combined total of 38 km. In order to keep all the details of each day organized, Brittany is the ONR administrator. During the run with the ONR cell phone and lap top in her clutches, Brittany will be the hub of communcation for the ONR. Bryce, Zaya and Brittany make up the ONR team.

The ONR Team along with World Vision Canada is inviting friends, families and the entire country to join the relay each day. As we pass through cities and towns, the public can sign up to run as little as 1 km. We are looking for the public to run a combined total of 38 km each day. Most days the relay will begin at 7:15am and finish by 2:30pm. When in large city centers the relay will begin at 9:05am in order to avoid disrupting traffic.

Before running each runner will need to fill out a waiver form and donate a toonie. The waiver is for safety. The toonie will symbolize their involvement in reducing child poverty in Canada.


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    Posted May 24th, 2011


    The run began at Odell Park, and this morning they're heading up Hwy 105 (northside of river, through Douglas, Mactaquac, etc.) all the way to Woodstock. They run 71 kms per day, and the more runners who join them, the fewer kms they have to run today. If you can join them for even a few kms today, they'd be grateful and you'd be part of a great cause. You can either drive up that way (they can help with the shuttle back to your vehicle or one of their team can drive your car as far as you wish to run) or call them at 1-647-833-1985. They are grateful for any runners and also for cash donations to their cause of ending child poverty in Canada.