Mar 27th, 2012
Posted by KrisMcG
Posted by KrisMcG
Mar 27th, 2012

Who is NOT training for a full marathon?

Hi all,

Is there anyone who runs on Saturday, but is not training for a full marathon?

When the group moves to a 8 am start, I want to stay at an 8:30 start and continue running between 10 - 15 km on Saturdays. I just want to see if its worth my while to come into the Beaverbrook, or run from my home and rejoin the group after the Spring marathon.

So if you want to maintain an 8:30 start and do moderate distances, let me know. I'm not doing more than 15 km anymore, because it's too much wear and tear on top of my other sports.


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    Julie G

    Posted Mar 27th, 2012

    Hey guys,
    I'm not either; however, most Saturdays I am not able to come out now because I have to work. :( I would love to come and run with you, Krista. I've been going out Sunday mornings instead. If you like I'll let you know beforehand if I'm able to go for Saturday.

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    Posted Mar 12th, 2012

    I am not training for a marathon!! HA!!
    Still no running for me - could be several weeks (enter sad face here)..

    I miss you all and hope your runs are going well. I'd like to join you for breakfast sometime soon after a Saturday run!


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    Posted Mar 10th, 2012

    I am ;-)

    Hi Krista,

    There will probably be enough people starting at 8:30, just like last year. But it's always good to check.

    Anyway, I am not starting at 8:00am, way too early for me and I am also not training for a marathon.

    My plan is to be back coming Saturday (plan was today, but we couldn't get out of bed).