June 15th, 2015

Canada Geese can be seen everywhere here ..... by the canal, down at the lakeshore, over at the man made water at the golf course across the road from where we live ...  even by good sized puddles left by the heavy rains.   Sometimes they can even be seen flying over head to destinations known only to them.   They seem to soar so easily in their familiar "v" formation.   Other times they leave behind a multitude of "signs" indicating that they, for sure, for sure, have passed this way.   It is these little "signs" that leave the general public, generally speaking, and especially golfers, with a deep dislike for these Canada Geese that gather in large flocks.


Did you know that when Canada Geese form up in their familiar "v" formation and preparing to emigrate, they can cover 2,400 kilometers (1500 miles ) in 24 hours hours, given a favourable wind, but as National Geographic points out "they prefer to travel at a more leisurely pace".   The noisy honking of these most social of birds, who live in community, except when nesting, usually announce their presence above and always precede their arrival into view.   Now in regards to those 'signs" they leave where ever they go .... again according to the article by National Geographic, it takes just 50 geese to leave behind two and a half tons of excrement per year.   Wow!


The picture above of the little goslings and mumma and papa was taken along the canal trail.    Often one must tip toe through the "signs" that leave the pathway like a speckled pathway.   On this night it wasn't too bad, but big daddy bird kept a close eye on what was happening as mumma bird headed for the canal water with the little goslings, I counted thirteen, waddling unsteadily behind her in their effort to keep up.


When I look at those tiny little birds, and realize that one day they will cover a couple thousand kilometers in 24 hours ... as a runner, they have my respect, even in spite of those tiny little signs one must tip toe through some days!!