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Join us on September 23rd & 24th, 2023 as we celebrate turning 40!

Route Information

Start / finish will take place from Government House with most of the course running along the Fredericton trail system.  Below is the proposed route:


5K/ 10K/ 21.1 K

All participants leave the start line and head toward the front entrance driveway of Government House to Woodstock Road.

Turn left and head down Woodstock Road to Ste. Anne’s Point Drive (via the Victoria Circle roundabout).

Take another left onto Sainte Anne’s Point Drive.

At the area indicated, exit Sainte Anne’s Point, cross the lawn to the trail, and proceed toward the lighthouse on the trail.

Follow the trail to the front of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and over to the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge.

5K runners

Go under the underpass closest to the road where volunteers will direct you on the other side to the underpass under the walking bridge closest to the water.  

From there volunteers will direct you back to the trail where you will head back to Government house the way you came, except instead of getting on Ste. Anne’s Point, you will stay on the trail until crossing the parking lot back to Government House.

10 K/ 21.1 K runners

Follow the same route as the 5K, except you will proceed up the overpass at the Bill Thorpe Walking bridge and turn right toward University Avenue.  

Stay on the trail toward University Avenue, cross University Avenue, continue on the trail and cross Waterloo Row/ Forest Hill intersection to continue on the trail.

Cross Dunn’s Crossing and continue on the trail until you meet a volunteer who will turn you around.  

From there, return the exact same way you came to the Bill Thorpe Bridge.  Turn left prior to the Bridge and return to Government House via the trail.

½ Marathon

Follow the same course as the 10k runners, except you won’t turn as early.

Cross the Wilsey Road and the turn around point is just before the trail crossing the Lincoln Road.

You will go back the way you came toward the walking bridge but rather than go down the hill to the green, you will be directed to cross the walking bridge.

Follow the trail after the walking bridge toward Canada Street.  

Cross Canada Street once and then you will be instructed to turn.  

Once turned, follow the way you came back to the south side of the walking bridge.  On the southside of the walking bridge, you will be turned right toward the green.

From there, return to Government House via the trail.