Don't Turn Your Nose up at this .......
November 12th, 2012


5 Steps to the Perfect Snot Rocket

Clearing your nostrils while you run is part science, part art—and totally useful. Here’s how to do it right. By Mark Remy Published 09/11/2012

It's easy to joke about the ''snot rocket,'' a.k.a. the farmer's blow. (Take it from me.) But all kidding aside, learning how to clear your nose on the run, quickly and cleanly, will make you a happier runner.

Because runners are often too nervous to attempt a snot rocket on their own, and too embarrassed to ask for lessons, we thought it'd be helpful to walk you through the process here, with a video.

Find instructive video here .......,7120,s6-238-267--14549-0,00.html