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February 20th, 2012

Ottawa jogger sues Paralympians


Posted by Peter Henderson on Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Ottawa jogger is suing two blind Paralympians for $350,000 for an alleged incident that occurred in January 2010 on the Rideau Canal pathway.

Mimi LePage, a lawyer who works for the Treasury Board, has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against Jon and Jason Dunkerley for injuries that she says come from a collision between her and the brothers on the jogging path. She claims that the Dunkerleys and their guides were running too fast. According to LePage, both brothers fell on her after the collision, and her injuries have prevented her from working – and even necessitated a recent hip surgery.

The Dunkerleys, who were born with a condition called Leber’s amaurosis, say that Lepage's claim is overstated. Speaking to the Ottawa Citizen, Jon called the lawsuit "ridiculous" and said that he would defend the matter in court. He also pointed to an online listing of race results that shows a woman with the name Mimi LePage ran the Run for Reach 10km race a few months after the incident.

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