Happy New Year CCRR!
January 9th, 2012

Happy New Year CCRR members!

It is great to see so many enthusiastic club runners out on our Wednesday and Saturday club runs! As we are still running in the dark on Wednesdays, please ensure your safety and that of other club members by wearing your reflective safety vests, and being very careful when crossing roads (use crosswalks) and ensure cars see you and have stopped before venturing onto the roadway.

At last Saturday's run, several runners fell hard on the ice; you may wish to turn one of your older pair of shoes into winter runners by inserting hex screws (see the "how to" link on the Safety page here on the website) or find another technique to stay upright and injury-free.

You are gently reminded to please pay your 2012 club membership fees as soon as possible. Our annual dues to UNB to use washrooms and showers, and to our webmaster are due, and the club needs your support. The club also gives an annual donation to the Trails Coalition, given that CCRR runners are such regular users of the city's fabulous network of running trails. When you pay your online fees, you are invited to add a donation.

A reminder also of the Feb. 25th AGM: this meeting provides the opportunity for club members to nominate and elect a new executive, and to discuss any areas of interest and concern you may have. In order to cast your vote, you need to be a fully fledged (paid-up) member of the club.