The Dirtiest Race in History
November 22nd, 2012

Just recently read the Book - The Dirtiest Race in History - an easy read and very enlightning and disturbing.

What is it about the 100m final? Why does it focus the world's attention so sharply? Track fans will tell you it is the essential expression of sport, the most elegant of all competitions, a place where the third world can take on the first world and win on merit alone. The hundred requires no equipment, no swimming pool, no carbon fibre bicycle, not even a ball or a net. It subtracts everything extraneous and leaves behind only the body and one task it must perform. Some say it functions as a metaphor for human endeavour itself. As the record time gets ever lower it seems like we must be progressing, but what other kind of truth might be hidden here in a test that, at least on the surface, appears so simple and so clear? How are we linked, the participants and the couch potatoes, the athletes and the spectators?

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