Staying safe & out of trouble
January 12th, 2011

With many of our runs in the dark or dull, grey light of winter, we need to be particularly vigilant to stay safe, and to avoid raising the ire of our community in places we frequent (e.g. Sunshine Gardens), please focus on some safety tips listed here.

  • Wear your reflective safety vests every time you're out for a run
  • Look both ways before crossing, & watch for cars reversing out of driveways (they rarely look for us)
  • Snowplows & all vehicles have the right of way  (they are alot bigger than most runners)
  • Running on sidewalk is safest  (don't like who you are runing with, alot easier to push them in to  snow bank when on sidewalk)
  • Run on on road single file   (like a line of Santa's Reindeer)
  • Run facing traffic   (make eye contact, smile at drivers, thank them for stopping or slowing for us)
  • Group up at crosswalks   (crossing in a group is safer than like a line of Reindeer!)
  • Shorten your stride   (helps when conditions are slippery)
  • Choose roads less traveled & the newly plowed, paved trails   (enjoy the serenity of quiet winter runs)

.....Runners are smart folks   (we all know these safety tips... let's use them)

Please refer to the Safety Page for a complete list