Spring training has started!
January 3rd, 2011

17 runners came out tonight for the start of the 2011  1/2 marathon and marathon training programme (which has been distributed to club members via email (Excel spreadsheet - available on Google docs for those on Macs without Excel).

This year, there will be no official "clinic" as we have had in the past but rather, a "virtual" clinic that club members may choose to follow on their own or with those club runners who are following along. If runners are keen to continue the tradition of having a clinic shirt, we can decide and order them in February.

You may pick and choose any and all runs, and bring your friends. Routes will be posted soon.  Please use the message board on the club website to find a running partner if you'd like to run at another time, or for questions.

Please look through the "clinic" page on the club website for past postings and information about all kinds of things.

Monday nights:  hill training starting at the LB gym, UNB (5:30 pm)

Wednesday nights: regular club run at the LB gym, UNB (5:30 pm)

Thursday nights: tempo runs at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre (5:30 pm)

Saturday mornings: long runs from the LB gym, UNB (8:30 am) -- there will also be the usual club run