June 22nd, 2010


COLOUR IS THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT; IT ADORNS THE EARTH WITH BEAUTY.  Through colour light brings its passion, kindness, and imagination to all things: pink to granite, green to leaves, blue to ocean, yellow to dawn.  Light is not simply functional brightness that clears space for visibility.   Perhaps of all the elements, light has the most refined imagination; it is never merely a medium.



LIGHT is the greatest unnoticed force of transfiguration in the world: it literally alters everything it touches and through colour dresses nature to delight, befriend, inspire and shelter us.   The miracle of colour is a testament to the diverse, precise and ever surprising beauty of the primal imagination.



THE INTENSE PASSION OF THE FIRST ARTIST glows forth in the rich colours of creation.  In this sense, colour is the visual Eucharist of things.   In a world without colour, it would be impossible to imagine beauty; for colour and beauty are sisters.



AS Goethe said:  the eye needs colour as much as it needs light.



The thoughts above belong to John O'Donohue, a philosopher, priest, and Irishman.  They are taken from his little book 'The Invisible Embrace of Beauty'. O'Donohue's way with words and the pictures he draws, helps me to slow down and to look around and see the beauty and colour that is all around us.  The picture below was taken at Kings' Landing, a great place to wander and meditate as you are transported back in time.   There is a great beauty captured in this picture.  It is a Celtic Moment.   All is well with the world.  As the young un's feed feverishly, mama has a snooze.  Celtic Spirituality calls us to a greater appreciation of the world around us, and to cultivate a love for nature and a passion for the wild, and of the changing seasons, for the sun, rain, wind and snow as a reminder of God's 'artistic' and creative presence in all things, and of God's gifts given to us.   Through the gift of good health, I have enjoyed almost 40 years of running.   The changing seasons and the beauty and individuality of each, has served to bring me closer to God.... and who I discovered was never too far away.    Blessings, the running rev!