Top 16-Year-Old Runner Has a Long To-Do List
May 27th, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In anticipation of her first marathon, Alana Hadley did a test run late last month on the quiet, tree-lined streets near her home here. She set out on a three-mile loop that was as familiar to her as the cadence of her breathing. Soon, the laps and miles began to fall away.

Her mother, Jennifer, and younger brother, Bryce, maintained a refreshment table that featured small cups of Mountain Berry Blast-flavored Powerade, the drink that would be available during the race itself. Her father, Mark, a financial analyst turned full-time running coach, pedaled his bike along the side of the road, monitoring her stride and pace. No detail was too small during Alana’s 15-mile run, though there was one scheduling mishap: it was yard-sale day in the neighborhood.

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