FOOTNOTES - congratulations to Ed Whitlock
March 24th, 2011

As Paul and I finished our run on Wednesday evening, Paul had recorded that we ran just over 6k in about forty minutes. After a few minutes recovery, it dawned on me that Paul and I used to run 6.2 miles (10k) a good five minutes faster when we were much younger.   Then along comes this information about an octogenarian from Ontario who runs 3000 meters in 12 minutes flat - which gives him a 40 minute 10k which kind of puts our 40 minute 6k in perspective. 

To be fair Paul's injured and I'm recovering from a chest infection and feeling every minute of my 59 years.    And to make matters even worse the Flying Dutchman slowed down to run with me on Wednesday night's run.  God bless him! 

 Anyway Ed Whitlock just turned 80, and as Rob pointed out, this amazing Ontario runner took 90 seconds off the M80 WORLD record for 3000 m on March 19th. He ran it at 4:00 pace, finishing in 12 minutes flat.   

To read a great article about this amazing man go to

for those of you 55+ I'm planning a training routine so as to run 4 minutes a k - so please join me at the graveyard behind my church.  

the running rev.