Fall Classic Committee
May 26th, 2015

The Fall Classic is looking to fill two volunteer positions on the Fall Classic organizing committee.  Requirements would be that you attend as many meetings as possible (held once a month, more frequently closer to the event), organize your particular portion of the event and communicate regularly with other committee members.
Positions are: 1) Water Stop Coordinator - this person would be responsible for communicating with our volunteer groups who run the water stops, potentially recruiting volunteer groups for water stops and working with volunteers on the day of the event to make sure water stops are in place and have all the supplies they need.  You would also be required to coach the volunteers manning water stops on the appropriate way to man a water stop (don't stand on the course, hold the cup on the palm of your hand, etc.)  The existing committee would be more than happy to help teach you all this stuff.
2) 3K Kids Race Coordinator - this person would be required to communicate with all middle schools in the province (or in the vicinity who would potentially travel to Fredericton) to market the 3k race, work with volunteers to get people registered on the day of the race, coordinate volunteers for your registration and race.  Existing committee members would be more than happy to help you learn how to do all of this as well as the outgoing person could give you some assistance and advice.
If you're interested in helping us out in one of these capacities, please contact Karen Roberts at Roberts.karen@rogers.com or Nicola Cassidy at emeraldgirl8@gmail.com.