January 10th, 2010

Hello everybody,

So the first full week of training in 2010 is over. Monday night hill repeats with General Ally in charge went very well. Everybody had a good time and made it back to the gym. Just curious if the same people will show up again tomorrow night? Even this old guy finished all the hills off. If our General could flatten the hills a bit it would feel a lot better.

Now to Wednesday’s run: 10 minutes slow and 30 minutes hard and 10 minutes of cool-down. Again, everybody participated and I think nobody gave up, which means another successful evening of running.

The climax was Saturday morning! It was an impressive group of about 35-40 people who went for 65 minutes of pace-running. The only thing I remember from that morning is that the Rev was behind me, not for long though. He had some excuse that his calf was hurting but I don’t believe one word of it. If so, take some ibuprofen like I’ve been doing for years. Maybe take 2 because I need competition.

Take care and see you on the hills of Albert tomorrow night !

From “The Back of The Pack” Harry


January 2 Starting weight : 200

January 9                          198

Distance                              38

New shoes (still in closet)        0